The Chattri Corpus

The chattri is a war memorial for the 53 soldiers of undivided India who were cremated at the very site in 1915 'Chattri Corpus' is a sound collage that explores the community which belongs to the site today Interviews with community members are interwoven with the voice of singer, Supriya Nagarajan, to create this work.

This work seeks out the Chattri community's story, their emotional and spiritual connections to the site. 

I am grateful for the unguarded and generous sharing of stories which every participant gifted to the project. These interviews and this work, are an invitation to the dialogue that is the Chattri, which I hope you accept.

Filed notes can be found here:

Participants + Credits:

. Tamara Gordon
. Davinder Dhillon & Wendy Dhillon
. Wafa Khan
. Harbakhsh
. Balbir Singh Gohler & Barinder Kaur Gohler
. Althea Wolfe
. Manish Tayal
. Tejpal Singh Ralmill
. Nina
. Atiya Gourlay

Special Thanks:
. Davinder Dhillon & Wendy Dhillon
. Pritpal Ajimal
. Dulani Kulasinghe

. Supriya Nagarajan + Duncan Chapman for the kind use of their tracks 'On the banks of the Jamuna'