James Wilkie - Sound Artist [~]

Sound is the loving connector

[Works + Collaborations*]
. Sono Electro 2023
Serenade Of The Woods*
Harmony Zero(HZ-0)*
. The Chattri Corpus
Orbits + Circles of Wakefield
Beckenham Place Soundwalk
Neon Hums
Tracing The Sky*
Micro Movies

Sparkles is Gone
The Dino*

[Creative Devices]
The Splatterbox
. Automatic Orchestra
Richter’s Piano
. The Mandala Typewriter
The Constellation Engine
. The Bop

. One Note & The Single Sound
. A Beatiful Evening Cloud
. The Art Is In The Ending
. “Look Over Here” [...]
. Beckenham Place Soundwalk Journal
. The Chattri
. My Tsunami Egg

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︎ About
James Wilkie (b.1984) is a sound artist and composer who explores the connections between persons, spaces, and the imagination using sound through directed listening, A/V compositions + installation work, text, and live performances.

. Lecturer, DfPI, Bartlett
. Creative, Sensory Experiences
. Co-Founder, lake at Enclave